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Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Step

Okay, it’s time to ’fess up. I have been told that the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem. So, here’s my confession: My name is Lynda and I’m addicted to office supplies. Yep, pens, pencils, paper (OMG—the smell of reams of paper!), paper and binder clips…so this time of year is incredibly difficult for my self-restraint. Walk into ANY store in town and I find a display of back to school supplies. Those almost always include pens, pencils, paper…Well, you get the idea.

I can’t walk past these displays without touching the multi-packs of mechanical pencils (my favorites because I don’t have to keep sharpening them to keep a fine point), the pens (gel-pens and super-fine tip make me giddy), pads of paper. And, the packages of paper clips in a myriad of colors and different shapes…Did you know that you can get paperclips shaped like hearts, and little feet, and hands…and…Where was I? Oh, yeah…

I’m addicted to office supplies. My grand-daughter has discovered Grandma’s stash of pens, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, crayons (yes, I have those, too) and mechanical pencils in a large drawer in my office desk. She comes trotting in on a regular basis asking to borrow a few. Part of me growls when she even thinks about touching them but the larger part of me forces a smile and tells her she can borrow whatever she wants, she just has to be sure to put them all back when she’s done using them. And, she always forgets to put back the items she’s borrowed, so after a while, I wander through the house, collecting the abandoned writing instruments and carefully putting them back where they belong.

I’m afraid that my addiction is contagious, because while my grand-daughter may borrow writing/drawing utensils from me, she is also growing her own collection of crayons, colored pencils, pencils, markers, and highlighters. I may be creating a monster.

I do try to rationalize my addiction by comforting myself that when the grandchildren visit, I have plenty of paper and crayons, colored pencils and markers for them to draw and create with. And, if the zombie apocalypse happens, I’ll be able to still write—all be it long-hand—and I can probably completely secure our location with a fortress built of paper and binder clips.

See, it’s not all bad, is it?


  1. Oh for the love of Henry! I htought I was the only one. Hello, my name is Lea and I TOO am addicted to all things stationary. Sincerely. I literally have a present box chockas full of pens older than Moses, the ink so hard and dry now you could probably use it as the mortar between bricks when building a house...

    But will I throw them out? Umm, sure. One day....

    It's hard to walk down the magazine/gift wrap/book aisle in Coles without gazing lovingly at the pens and other accouterments, even going so far as to pick them up, put in the basket, get to the end of hte aisle then go and put them back knowing I can't afford/really don't need them.

    Not a fan of the mechanical pen myself but then I don't like fine tips for my pens either so at least there we differ Lynda :D I love the feel of a pen in hand and if I wasn't in a hurry to get this damn story (I use that term loosely lol) out, I'd be doing it long hand and not typing. Then again, I think faster than I type so I can only imagine how many words I'd leave out writing...

    But that's not for here. It's nice to find that out there I have a kindred spirit. You know what? Bugger the support group idea, I say let's embrace it and shout out loud about our love. Don't want the granddaughter growing up thinking it's something she needs to hide lol.

    Ok, I'm off to rummage in that gift box. I REALLY should cull some of the items. Good news then is that I will have more room for fresh stock :D

  2. Lea, I could hug you! Yes, the grand-daughter shouldn't have to grow up ashamed of a pen/pen/marker addiction.

  3. Oh dear! That's hilarious ~ and I know you're not alone :)

  4. Hehehehe - we should do coffee and compare notes lol

  5. May I join your support group? Conferences are the best/worst - I collect pens from every vendor! I've been known to mail them back to myself so I don't have a baggage charge at the airport...

    1. Ashantay, I think this addiction is the curse of most writers. I'm not sure, even with a support group, we'll ever be able to rise above the power and allure of the new pen.

  6. LOL - Ladies, a support group sounds like fun lol. I'll bring coffee and tim tams (although I prefer moon pies lol). Ashantay, great thinking about the postage... :D


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