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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pure Vanilla

Okay, I have to admit I’m a little puzzled. I’ve now had three different friends tell me that though they loved reading The Devil’s Own Desperado and are looking forward to reading Smolder on a Slow Burn, they had some problems with “THE SCENE”. When I asked what they meant—was it too graphic (I didn’t think so, and apparently, neither did my editor because it wasn’t kicked over to erotica), too much not left to the imagination? What? WHAT? 

All three of them kinda danced around an answer and then blurted out, “I just kept imagining you as the girl in those scenes.”


Now, two of these three friends I have known for years (and one of them for almost thirty years), and we have travelled to dog shows together and slept in the same hotel room. Sometime in the same bed if there were four of us in the same room. I never thought that there would be an “ick” factor in writing romance because these people know me. But, that comment did bring the “ick” factor up into the stratosphere and made me rethink starting to use a pen-name.

The problem with a pen-name is I’m starting to get a fan base and following under my own name. And, another problem I see with using a pen-name is I’m damn proud of what I have accomplished in my writing career, including “THE SCENE” in my romance novels. Damn it, that’s MY name on the cover.

I have been asked if my private (think sex) life has ever made it into my novels. The answer to that is a resounding “NO” followed up with the codicil that I just have a really great imagination. Sorry, hate to say it, but no…that part of my life is pretty much vanilla. If that was a TMI violation, I’m sorry.

I know those three friends will purchase Smolder on a Slow Burn when it’s released on August 20th. I’ve already promised them I will let them know page numbers for those scenes, and they can skip over them. That way, they don’t have to keep seeing me as the heroine in my books. All though…my DH might have to worry if the hero in Smolder ever came to life and walked up to our front door.


  1. Lynda, some people will just assume you're writing about your own experiences. (They haven't enough imagination to even imagine people making stuff up.) Ask them if they think the authors of mysteries had to kill anybody in order to write about a murder. What about those fantasy authors? What other people think has nothing to do with you. Just go on being yourself. As you say, you're starting to build name recognition; don't mess with that. (Just my opinion, of course; I have no intention of ever writing under another name, especially now that I don't have to please an editor.)

    1. Judy, I did think that about mystery writers and fantasy writers when those three people all had the same answer as to why they had a problem with reading "THE SCENE". And, as I said, I have no intention of writing under a pen-name, all though, that option will probably be viable if I start to write in a different genre. I know several who have different pen names for different genres.

  2. Lynda, considering how many times we have shared a room over the last 2 years while chasing shows, you might have expected me to think that but it never did. Of course I never had to grow four legs, a heavy white coat and become Houdini to write about the Great White Beast.

    Looking forward to Smolder!


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