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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lad a Dog

Just when I’m ready to throw the towel in on humanity, I’m very pleasantly proven wrong.

About a week ago around Owensboro, Kentucky, a dog was shot in the face. Shot three times, to be exact. He should have died from his wounds—from being unable to eat or drink. The brutal cold we’ve been having should have killed him. In the face of incredible odds, he survived long enough to be picked up and taken to an emergency veterinary hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. The Arrow Fund is assisting with his medical expenses.

No one knows who this dog belongs to and he was dubbed “Lad” because he’s a beautiful, sable and white collie. Collie people like myself who have seen him have speculated that this dog has a strong show pedigree behind him and that someone loved him very much because despite being shot, his coat was not matted. None of that matters to “Lad.”

What matters to him is that he is warm now, his wounds are being treated, he’s being fed (albeit with a feeding tube), that the humans he trusts aren’t hurting him, and in the face of the unspeakable abuse he suffered at the hands of another human that trust in humanity was not destroyed. He is still able to respond affectionately and positively to his caretakers, as exhibited by his willingness to put his paw into one of their hands. Granted, while this footage showing how damaged his jaw was from the gun shots is very hard to view, the trust and gentleness Lad shows softens that blow.

Right now, because of the damage to his lower jaw, he had to have it amputated. His recovery will be long, but there is hope that this brave, trusting, and sweet boy will make it. He can relearn to eat and drink. Collies are very resilient. And, this boy has a strong will to live. The latest report is that almost a day after his surgery he’s sitting up, trying to drink, and even wants to play.

When this story first hit my newsfeed on Facebook, the call went out to the collie world and we have responded—from all over the world. People that I know involved in this breed have opened their hearts, lifted Lad in prayers, and we’ve opened our wallets. I know some people who survive on what they make with a small business through PayPal have literally emptied their account for Lad and his medical expenses.
This is a breed that is sweet, trusting, loyal, and very generous. So are the vast majority of the people who love this breed and who share our lives with collies. That someone could so harm “one of our own” hurts all of us, and I know it’s made me hug my “furkids” a little tighter.

I know just yesterday I posted about the Last Chance Corral, a wonderful organization that saves as many nurse mare foals as possible. I’m not going to ask anyone to help with Lad’s expenses. Just go to the links. View the footage. Follow your heart. And, if you have “furkids”, give them a hug. 

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