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Sunday, July 28, 2013

In The Good Ol' Summertime

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. I love fresh fruit, veggies fresh from the garden (and this year, we seem to have moved from garden to JUNGLE in the manner that the squash and cucumbers are going EVERYWHERE), and soaking up the sunshine in the pool. This year, though, as much as I love being out of doors, it’s been difficult because of the rain and the heat contributing to the insect population. We have a bumper crop of mosquitoes and chiggers this year. Around dusk, we’re forced to retreat into the house and a few hours after I’ve been in the garden, I’ve discovered I have a new round of chigger bites. There is nothing on the planet more itchy than a chigger bite! Take my word for it. And, I’ve yet to find anything that makes the itching stop for more than a few hours at a time.

The ticks were horrible this spring. It’s not often I have to treat the collies more than once (usually in late April to early May) for those horrible little parasites, but this year I had to treat the whole kennel three times. The fleas are as bad, as well. I have two collies who chew massive hot spots into their hides if they even think they have a flea, so treatment to prevent fleas has been the order of business this summer.

I have to say, though, that the growing season here has been incredible. We tried container gardening this year with some of the veggies, and my heirloom tomatoes look incredible. We’ve already had several big tomatoes and I can say there is nothing better than biting into a tomato warm from the sunshine. I’ve put up several quarts of squash and have several more to do. We have cucumber salad (in some variety or form) every day.

We didn’t put in any green beans because I hate the things. I never learned to like them and if I won’t eat them, there is no sense in planting them. We also didn’t put in corn this year because every year we’ve put in corn, apparently the raccoons believed we planted corn just for them.

I should be working on my next writing project, but the weather is just too alluring to be resisted. I can always write when the house has settled for the night and everyone else is asleep and in bed. And, with that being written, I'm going to post this blog and go do exactly that.

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