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Thursday, December 13, 2012

self promotion

Christmas is just around the corner and then comes the official, hard-copy release of The Devil’s Own Desperado.  I’ve been blogging, have purchased an ad on one of the larger review sites to push the novel, and I still feel like I’m not doing enough to promote myself.  I can honestly say I’ve never liked to blow my own horn.  This is quite an adjustment, bragging myself and the novel up.  I was raised to do a good job, praise others, and recognition for my hard work would come to me on its own. 


Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works in the real world, and especially not in this era of publication.  Most publishers don’t have the time, the staff, or the budgets to do the all-out media blitz as they used to do.  That media blitzing is now up to the author.  We make or break our own novels. 

With that in mind, I’m announcing that I’ve been interviewed on two different blogs.  The interview appearing on Sarah Hoss’s blog is today and it’s at   Sarah was gracious enough to share her blog space with me for this interview.

The other blog I’ve been interviewed for is at MK McClintock’s space.  She is a host for several blog-hops for readers and writers.  Can I just say that I love the design of her blog space?  I’ll be at the following link on December 13th.

Check out the blogs, leave a comment, shout “howdy” and share the links.  Please.

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  1. Self-promotion is one of my least favorite tasks too, but you're correct in that authors have to really pull our weight in that department! In the end though, it's worth it.

    I bought your book on Kindle, but I'm SO happy you mentioned it will come out in print because I prefer reading print and most eBooks sit on my computer for months. Looking forward to it!


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