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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blurb for *The Devil's Own Desperado*

I just got the blurb for The Devil’s Own Desperado from the marketing department at The Wild Rose Press. I am beyond stunned. Those folks did a real bang-up job (and the pun is fully intended). Here it is:

He's everything she fears…

Wounded gunfighter Colt Evans stumbles onto a remote homestead never expecting to find compassion. But beautiful Amelia McCollister is like no other woman. Suddenly, his dream of settling down with a wife and home is within reach—but only if his past never comes gunning for him.

She's everything he dreams of…

Amelia had to grow up fast after outlaws murdered her parents, leaving her to raise her siblings alone. With a young brother who idolizes shootists, she dreads having a notorious gunman in her home. But as Colt slowly recovers, he reveals a caring nature under his tough exterior that Amelia can't resist.

Just when Colt starts to believe he can leave the gunfighter life behind, his past returns, bringing danger to them all. Can a shootist ever hang up his hardware? Or will their dreams disappear in the smoke of a desperado's gun?

Now, this blurb really got me to thinking about how I struggle to write a jacket blurb, how much of a battle it is to write a sucknopsis (or for those of you who insist it be called by its proper name: a synopsis) and how I truly would rather have a pelvic exam or a root canal than write either of those tools of the author’s trade.

Yes, they are tools and just like any tool, if there isn’t mastery of the tool and how to use it, it’s like trying to hammer a nail home with the butt of a revolver.  It can be an exercise in futility at its best, or downright dangerous at its worst.  I have never learned how to use those tools to my advantage.  I will be the first to admit that. 

I also admit that I’m what most authors call a “by-the-seat-of-the-pants” author.  I don’t write to an outline.  I don’t have the sucknopsis written before I start writing the story.  I just start writing and let the characters talk to me and dictate where we’re going and exactly how we’re going to get there.  We (as in me and the voices in my head who are my characters) know that we’re going to get to the happily ever-after, but that’s all we know when we start out on the journey of their story.  Writing the sucknopsis and the blurb is the last thing I do—after I’ve edited the MS several times. 

So, when I got that blurb—which was vastly different from the pathetic thing I sent to the marketing department at the beginning of this process of moving to publication—my jaw literally dropped and I was squealing in my chair like a little girl for a pony ride at the circus.  My hat is off to those people in the marketing department at The Wild Rose Press.  They are AWESOME!  And, I want to take this little corner of cyberspace to thank them for what they did with that blurb.

I can’t wait to see what the art department does with the cover.

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