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Friday, April 13, 2012

Just teasing

I've noticed that a lot of my fellow signed authors at The Wild Rose Press use their blog to post excerpts from their upcoming novels.  That got me to thinking...if I would post an excerpt from The Devil's Own Desperado, what would it be?  Would I post the first meeting between Colt and Amelia?  Or one of those scenes where the sexual tension is starting to really pull on the two characters?  Or, would I post the blackest hour, the moment when it seems that all is lost and Colt and Amelia just aren't going to be able to make it work?

So, I decided to post a little bit from one of those sexual tension scenes.

Colt walked to her and caught hold of her shoulder. He gently turned her and pulled her away from the window. “Or bring them back to you, Amelia? How did they die?”
Damn it, he shouldn’t care. It didn’t matter to him. All that mattered was getting his gun back and leaving here…leaving her. He couldn’t afford to care about anyone other than himself and yet, he cared how her parents had died. He cared that she was raising her brother and sister by herself, that her slender shoulders were carrying that weight alone. He cared that the longer he was with her, the greater the odds became that the Matthews brothers would find him here and that she or those kids could be hurt.
She shook her head, the loose tendrils of her hair brushing her face. “It doesn’t matter how, it just matters they are dead, and I have to raise Saul and Jenny.”
“Did a gunman kill them? Is that why you’re so opposed to a gun in your house?”
Amelia didn’t answer. Colt brushed several long, wispy tendrils of strawberry blond from her slender cheeks. “It’s not an easy job you have. Raising kids, especially a boy, can’t be easy.”
She stilled under his light touch, and her eyes widened. Colt trailed his fingertips down the length of her neck, resting them for a moment in the hollow of her throat. Her pulse leaped under his fingers. She scarcely took a breath.
Dear God, she was innocent as a newborn. Colt’s chest tightened and a heavy weight settled in his groin. He caught her chin between his thumb and forefinger and tilted her face up to him. He bent his head to her. He doubted it would have been possible, but she stilled even more.
Colt hesitated. “You’ve never been kissed, have you?”
Her tongue darted out, skimming along her lips. Colt ground his teeth with the effort to keep from claiming her mouth at that instant.
“Yes, I have.” Bright color splashed on her cheeks, matching the defensive tone of her voice.
“Really kissed, or just a peck on the cheek by some sweaty-palmed boy behind the church?” He bent closer to her, his mouth nearly on hers. “Did some boy press his lips to yours for a second and tell you that you’d been kissed?”
The bedroom door flew open and Saul raced in. “Amy, the cows got out again.”
Amelia leaped back as if scalded. Colt smothered a groan when Amelia slipped from his fingers and brushed past him. “I’ll help you catch them,” she said to Saul.
Colt dropped his head to his chest, ruthlessly quelling the desire firing through him. The tormenting, faint scent of vanilla lingered in her wake.

Don't have a release date yet, as Susan (my editor) and I are still working on edits, but as soon as I have one, I'll let everyone know.  


  1. You've got my vote, Lynda. Can't wait to read the rest.


  2. Thanks, ladies. That I've got two incredibly talented writers hooked and wanting more is humbling. I'm blushing...


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